MAB Air Solutions LLC Products

MAB Air Solutions LLC is an award winning factory distributor of the HYLA air and room cleaning system.

Our HYLA products offer a proprietary and versatile system that has numerous real-world applications. The HYLA can be used as a vacuum cleaner, air scrubber, carpet shampooer, and stain removal appliance.

How does the product work?

Simple. While the product is in normal use it removes indoor air pollutants such as:

  • Gases
  • Dust
  • Mites
  • Other allergens

while at the same time refreshing your breathing air with a revitalizing fragrance.

The MAB Air Solutions LLC difference

Our product utilizes what is called “geyser separator technology” to rid your air of contaminates. The particles are combined with water droplets so that when wet, they cannot fly anymore. The particles and water are then separated leaving 99% clean filtered air!

MAB Air Solutions LLC HYLA GST


I apply the HYLA Air and Room Cleaning System in my surgery as well as in my private rooms.The HYLA has proven itself especially in my surgery where a fast and primarily hygienic cleaning of the air and any surfaces is essential. By adding ethereal oils, the air is given a pleasant aroma - this is appreciated by my patients and employees. The HYLA contributes remarkably to a pleasant and primarily healthy atmosphere, i.e. noticeably better and cleaner air and much less dust.

Dr. med. Johannes Wagner

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