Herkimer in the news 9/30

There has been a lot going on this week where we are located in Herkimer, NY and we thought it would be a great opportunity to feature some of this news on the blog. The most noteworthy news is related to the Herkimer ARC going under their rebranding.

According to the press release, the rebranding focuses on:

  • Increases awareness of the agency’s mission, programs, and services.
    Presents Arc Herkimer with a positive, unique and consistent public identity to strengthen relationships
    and develop new partnerships.
  • Galvanizes relationships with affiliates such as The Arc of the United States, NYSARC, Inc., and other
    national and state organizations as Arc Herkimer seeks financial support and political influence. There is strength in numbers which is needed now more than ever to advocate for the individuals and families supported.
  • Opens avenues for new product and innovative program development, as well as the promotion of those initiatives, under the banner of the new brand.
  • Provides opportunities to engage in contemporary promotional strategies including social media, web design, various forms of advertising, and publicity……read the full press release

In other news, there has been a lot of talk recently in regards to the Herkimer sign ordinance. There will be a public hearing allowing anyone and everyone to voice their opinions on the ordinance on Monday, October 3rd at 7pm in the courtroom of the Village Hall on the 2nd floor. A bit of background on the sign ordinance from the Utica OD:

The current fuss began after Carpenter, who is running for re-election against former Herkimer County DA Michael Daley, claimed Daley’s signs were too big. Daley said he thought the ordinance had changed — and maybe it did.

In the wake of confusion, Mayor Brindisi did the right thing. He sought a recommendation from the New York Conference of Mayors and was advised to revisit the law and have a hearing.

That happens Monday.

The board should listen to the people, specifically define signage requirements, enact an ordinance and enforce it.

The ordinance also should include specific time limitations as to when political signs need to be taken down. There’s nothing worse than political signs littering the landscape as we approach the holidays……continue to read the full article

Here are some driving directions and a map for those interested:

Best of luck to all the local sports teams competing this weekend!

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