Benefits to Using an Air Purifier In the Home

We know now that fall allergies are underway and many people struggle to cope with the symptoms. Many times we are left with the solution to take over-the-counter medications that can leave us feeling drowsy throughout the day. MAB Air Solutions is a clean air company, with a focus on improving your health through improving your living environment.

Installing an air purifier in the home can seem like a simple task, and it is, but many people are simply uneducated about the benefits of air purifiers. Because of this, we have compiled a few resources to help explain some of the benefits that can change the way you live.

In this article by Janet Miller that discusses the surprising benefits of air purifiers she writes:

Household surfaces contain many dangerous bacteria, which can be transferred to any part of our body that comes in contact with the surface.
• Airborne flu virus particles move from person to person through sneezing and coughing and failure to wash hands afterward.
• Bacteria thrives in warm, humid areas of the home and can cause serious illness to young and old family members alike.
Using carbon filtration to eliminate odors and return clean, fresh air you will breathe easier knowing your home has reduced pollution. Your family’s risk of these germs and subsequent illness will be substantially lower and much healthier.

To achieve this on a daily basis, an ionic air purifier which includes a UV-C sanitizer with electrostatic purification to remove all allergens, unpleasant odors, dust and airborne irritants is an ideal option. It removes allergy causing pollution with an ozone power of (03) < 0.05ppm eliminating allergy causing infection. The O-Ion B 1000 takes care of this. This unit also has UVGI technology to kill those nasty germs, viruses and bacteria that cause sickness…..read the full article

With the changing of seasons, comes back to school, allergies and……illness. Your children bring back excellent stories of their days at school and with them, new sets of germs. A complimentary air scrubbing service can help show you how to rid your home of those germs and keep your family healthy.

Once the weather cools and we no longer utilize an AC system or open windows to keep the house comfortable, air particles can become trapped inside to make us sick.

This article by Max Mechanical explains some additional benefits of an air purifier system:

Avoiding Colds and Flu
When the temperature dips, windows need to be closed, trapping in air particles. Living with others means that you have no control over their coughing and sneezing, which expels bacteria. Breathing in such germs speeds up the likelihood of coming down with a cold or flu, thereby offering a pertinent reason for having a purifier installed for all residents.

Keeping Lungs Clear
Older people may suffer from breathing conditions like COPD or emphysema, while younger individuals sometimes fight a daily battle with conditions like asthma or cystic fibrosis. Both need the particle-free air that a purifier can deliver, since if you don’t have an HVAC unit that covers the entire home, that can mean having to close windows in warm weather.

Protecting the Immune System
Individuals who are undergoing serious treatments such as chemotherapy or who otherwise have an immune system that needs to be protected can benefit greatly from having a purifier installed. Infections tend to breed because of the particles that can circulate within air that don’t affect the average person.

Improving Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
Air pollution has been shown to raise blood pressure, which within a home can be related to the presence of such things as a smoker, dogs, or cats. Having a purifier neutralizes the negatives connected with those issues, offering a more relaxing aspect—which translates to a greater sense of serenity. In addition, it can limit the chances of coughing spells that raise a person’s blood pressure…. learn more

Fall is the perfect time to inquire about an air purfication system for the home prior to the weather changing. Feel free to contact us to learn what MAB Air Solutions can do for your home or business!



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Lillian Schaeffer - November 2, 2016

This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that air purifiers can help keep your lungs clear. My daughter has been having some problems with asthma, and I want to make sure our home is a safe and healthy place for her. I’ll definitely look into getting an air purifier so she can breath more freely and keep her lungs clear in our house. Thanks for the great post!

    MABAirSolutions - November 6, 2016

    No problem Lillian! Thanks for reaching out


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